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I apologize - this is going to be long because coming here was a last resort after two weeks of trying to figure this out...

I recently made the mistake of purchasing some Diatone motors - Diatone Mamba Toka 1606 3100KV (9N12P) - for a 3" build. I mention the 9N12P only because it's not what my other motors are, and my other motors work while these motors do not work.

FC/ESC is: Diatone Mamba Basic Stack - F722 MK3 FC + F40 40A 128K ESC - Mini 20x20

Mounted the new motors, checked rotation, mounted props, test hover, everything looked good...maybe sound was a little 'whiney' but I dismissed.

Went out and took it for a flight and it seemed VERY sluggish. I still had 4S batteries on it but it wouldn't even lift off the ground until 60-70% throttle. Landed after about 30 seconds and the motors were all extremely hot. Went back to the bench, started tuning and even after D-term was below 15 and the quad became un-flyable, the motors STILL got extremely hot. Watched some youtube videos, played with higher/lower PWM frequency, higher/lower rampup power, higher/lower motor timing, dshot600/300 nothing helps...they just get hot faster or slower. Setting PWM frequency to 128khz resulted in the first motor smoking after about 20 seconds of very docile flight.

So I made the terrible mistake of spending my money on a replacement. I removed it from box, carefully soldered it to the ESC, mounted it to the frame, plugged in a battery, connected to betaflight, and used the motor tab to drive the brand new motor at 30% throttle, while very lightly holding my finger against the bell to apply a light load and feel for heat. Sure enough after 30 seconds I had to pull my finger away as the motor had heated up. Repeated this for the other 3 motors, and they all heat up (even if I don't put my finger on them to load them).

I have watched so much youtube, spent hours in betaflight and BLHeli configurator, and I'm about ready to just throw this thing in the trash...

* No, the motor screws are not touching the windings - lots of gap.
* No, the tune and filters are not relevant - even driving directly from motor tab they get hot.
* Yes I have latest BLHeli firmware flashed.

Really really hoping someone has some insight here. Diatone has not responded to my emails.

Update: Attached a Xing 1806 motor, runs perfectly, ice cold, zero problems.


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Well I was just going to use the Xing motors but they have some strange prop mount and nothing fits.

No idea what iflight was thinking with these...