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Difference between batteries


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Hi guys, I finally found a way to buy lipos, (it's been long since I bought the last one) but I'm kinda confused.
I'm looking at a couple of 3s 1000mah.
One comes with a Xt60 connector, 25C rating, and the other comes with a JST connector and its 30C rated. They are both from the same brand and vendor.
My ESCs are 20 amps, would the battery with the JST connector (thinner cables also, obviously) be a good fit for my tricopter setup?

2300KV cobra motors, 20amp esc, 5030 props


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I think 3S with 5030 props is gonna be anemic. Not a bad place to start but you aren't going to pull out of dives, flips and rolls with authority.

On a 3S quad, tri or hex I run 6045s. For a racing rig, I run 75C 4S with 30A ESCs and a 5A Pololu for the servo so I don't brown out.

I wouldn't run with a jst on a copter and I wouldn't go lower than 45C on a copter any way you slice it. Copters are hungry and the better you get, the hungrier the copter gets for power.

My go to tricopter today runs on 4S 1300mAh 90C lipos for 2300kv Cobra motors spinning 5045 HQ props. My go to quad is an Alien 4" frame running DYS 1806 3000 kv motors spinning 4045x3 props on the same lipos.

I can sag a 90C lipo on a new charge with a hard punchout on that quad copter. :)

My 2" quad runs on 70C 650mAh lipos and I still run XT60s due to the power needs.


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I would avoid JST connectors in any higher current setup, they are only rated for 8 or 9 amps. XT60 is the way to go, but 45C would be my minimum for any battery to use in a multirotor.


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JST are rated for 3A peak. I wouldn’t touch those. They are usually receiver or TX packs, not designed as flight batteries.
For multi rotor use you are going to want at least 60C and 1000mah is going to be too small unless it’s a sub 250g micro.