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DIY Micro Plane re-build.

A while back I crashed and damaged my Parkzone P-51D with AS3X's air frame. With little to no knowledge on how to repair something small and of that nature, I want to take out its electronics and build a flyer that if possible could use all 4 available channels, but be easy to build for a broke beginner and have the conventional, generic kind of feel. Easy to fly is also something else I'm looking for. I have no experience in building a plane and this was the first plane I've ever own and crashed. It survived 3 short flights before the front took some pretty decent damage. Can any of you recommend any plans that may already exist or have any simple, easy to build and fly plans I could utilize?



Old and Bold RC PILOT
There are a large number of plans available for BALSA minis on the internet some of which are for rubber power and/or freeflight. They could be easily modified.

For hinges you could use the old sewn hinge technique reuse the control horns from your deceased model. It is easier to glue broken balsa together than to try and straighten out a foam block fuselages or wings.