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DIY snow skis


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All summer I kept saying I was going to get some skis for when the snow hit. Well, it hit last night and I got nothing. Anyone have suggestions on how to make and attach a set without a 3D printer?


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I used polystyrene modeling plastic that I use to make control horns. I front of the ski can be formed with a heat gun or hair dryer and cooled over a soup can or whatever you have around. The frame is cut and glued together with hot glue, and the axle sleeve is made from a pen tube cut to length. only took about a half hour to fab up.

This is my first set I built and the do look short in length on the Bushwhacker, but I will try them out and see if I need to make adjustments. This polystyrene does slide really well and is super durable. I have used it as skid plate for the bottom of planes that belly land, takes a beating and preserves the plane