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DJI Flamewheel Clone


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
DJI Flamewheel Clone SOLD!

Well another hobby is begging for cash input so my prized possession must be sacrificed.

Like New Seldom Used, Never Crashed.

DJI 450 Clone frame with integrated PCB

(PCB has 3.5mm gold connectors for ESC's and
ESC's are connected to motors with same connectors so
motors and ESC's are easy to change out.)

4 40A SimonK flashed ESC's
4 Hobby King NTM 35-30 1100KV motors
4 11X4.7 Props (4 extra props included too)

Cased 3DR Ardupilot Mega V2 including:
Multiple flight modes from simple stabilization to acro to fully automated missions
GPS / Unlimited waypoints
Barometric Pressure sensor
Full Gyro's and accelerometers
Sonar for low altitude ground tracking
APM powered by a low RF noise UBEC
915MHz Telemetry Radio with USB mate for your laptop computer.
(you can also use the APM mission planner software to operate the craft with a joystick attached to the laptop as well as inflight changes to your waypoints)


Receiver ready
Pool Noodle landing gear for less than perfect landings.
USB cable for interface and programming on APM2 (also can be done thru telemetry radio link)

This craft will fly about 10min on a 3000 3S battery (XT60 battery connector) and has the power to carry 2 batteries for longer flights.

It would be an ideal FPV / GoPro platform.

Shown with a Futaba R617FS Receiver - NOT INCLUDED!

P3110033.JPG P3110034.JPG P3110035.JPG P3110036.JPG P3110037.JPG P3110038.JPG

$520 cash PayPal plus actual shipping cost to your location. USA sale preferred.

Price is just about what parts and PayPal fees are. Shipping with Insurance will be $25 or less to either coast.

Thanks for looking.
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Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Do tell.... What new hobby has caught your fancy, Tex?
Well it's my FPV Transmitters fault. One thing leads to another and my Ham License required for the FPV transmitter begs for a transceiver to explore the full capacity of the Amateur Extra license class privileges. Besides I am keeping and upgrading my Hex copter from a 550 frame to an 800 frame and I have my H-quad, my Armattan Stunt quad and Armattan frame micro quad, my 929 toy quad and a tricopter after the RC Explorer fashion. I am certainly not multirotor poor yet ...... ;)



lumpy member
damn thats a good deal. If I wasn't actually really exited to build my own, I would be all over this. hope someone jumps on it (not literally…)


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
damn thats a good deal. If I wasn't actually really exited to build my own, I would be all over this. hope someone jumps on it (not literally…)
I can disassemble it and give you the joy of building it yourself. No additional charge!;)



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Somebody buy this please. There is a Transceiver that desperately wants to go home with me. ;)
I just can't stand to disappoint the poor little guy. :D



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Alright since nobody has been interested and the e-bay auction will be over in a few days as well how about $300 BUT you don't get the APM or associated components. You get a KK2 controller instead.

This means no GPS, No Compass, No waypoints, No automatic unattended flight, no mission planner (or any of the other trick features of APM), no sonar and no telemetry.

This option is available in 2.5 days if not sold as is first on the Forums or E-Bay.