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Dji Inspire Maiden Flight!


Winter is coming
I was blown away at how stable the Inspire was using those sonic sensors
Very nice demo flight! I've been curious about adding optical flow/sonar sensors to a pixhawk setup, but it just seems a bit too expensive to me (costs the same as the HKhawk!):


Configuration and tuning seems involved enough that I may wait until I first get the pixhawk installed on an airframe first! This is why RTF's are so attractive, but then, you don't get to fiddle with all the bits!


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
Damn, that is a stable position hold.
You haven't seen the half of it. Just wait until you see FT's review of it.

Eric (who, BTW, is a hard-core DJI controler fan) kept saying "I really wanted to hate it , but . . . " and the footage shows every bit of it's performance . . . Or better said, the Inspire's footage hides every bit of what the airframe was doing . . . but I won't spoil their stories -- you gotta see it to beleive it :eek: