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DLG homage to 'flyboa'

@mwbyrd - here is my FSiA6 in the nose with a micro UBEC and a later version with a Frsky GrX8 (totally overkill) - these days I am using the Frsky RX6R which is pretty hi-tech but very small (almost the same size as the pins)! :)

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I'm working on my 2nd DLG and it's super tail heavy. How are you building your planes so you don't have to add a ton of weight to the nose?


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@mwbyrd - I am using a 7mm carbon arrow and 2mm balsa for the tail feathers - also you can lengthen the nose a tad to push the servos forward a bit and reduce the nose weight required - what are your basic dimensions?

7mm arrow shaft 1m DLGs, 1/16" balsa tail feathers, RE only ... the blackwing weighs 124g, and the white wing weighs 127g. these are ALL UP TOTAL FLYING WEIGHTS, and are Heavy 1m DLGs with wing and tails stuck with hot glue instead of CA, and so could easily be brought down to 110g or less.


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ah, i see. 100 grams would be a bit on the heavy side for calm air flights, but worth having when the wind is about. my completed and epoxy/mesh dihedral joined 1m wings are all just under 60 grams. the current 1m wing i'm building will not be center joined, but epoxied (or GG'd, undecided yet) direct to the 7mm arrowshaft boom and that will probably save another 10 grams or so. further weight savings would be had with 6mm or 5mm booms - i have a few of each coming to test out. mostly, the weather hereabouts is dreadful windy, so i wind up adding sheet lead ballast directly at the 45% c/g. no matter what, i like what yer doing! great!


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chipping away - sanded my wings and cut/released the ailerons - ailerons are using 4x small pieces of kevlar for the hinges - today I will bag en up with a top strip of CF to complete the package - my foam is a tad heavier than the DTFB but I have no paper, only the CF strips and a lick of epoxy. :)



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Oh I do love the cable ties - but when I bought some Carbon Fibre sheeting before Covid19 the supplier threw in some kevlar so I thought what the heck - in hind site I should have laminated the Kevlar into the foam rather than underneath - oh well, there is always room for improvement!! :)


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A bit more wing work - with the centre glued it is quite strong holding from one end - next some reinforcing of the join with some lightweight fibreglass cloth - I pre impregnated the cloth between two foils using a metal roller to squish out excess epoxy - the wing joint is wrapped in one piece - then I laid in some tape smooth side to the epoxy (sticky side up) - after that I taped the wing to my dihedral jig including a thin strip of tape around the wing and the jig at the centre to pull it down hard - we will see! :)



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Thanks, @mayan - more madman than genius!

I forgot to weigh the DLG before adding the servos, but with RX and battery, we are 195g - Woo Hu - this does not account for any CG balancing weight - I was 175g without the battery and Rx, so if I take 15g off for the servos we would be approx 160g as a bare frame.

This is a paperless DTFB '@flyboa' inspired DLG - and with nose ballast, I am hoping to get under 220g - we shall see! :)



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On a related matter - recently I traded some CAD time for a refurbished BAMF DLG and today I took possession and had a wee test flight - AMAZING - one of the more brilliant experiences in the hobby - I even managed to catch a thermal - my friend Pete also put his BAMF in the air and with one launch flew for 10+minutes, only bringing it down because we needed to call it a day - there is some real trickery in the programming that I needed to study last night - Pete uses mode-1 so I needed to convert the OTX to mode-2 (simple enough for today) - all in all it was a fantastic hour or so! :)