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Does anyone know the design process that FliteTest goes through for new planes?

I am in the process of making some custom designs using a mix of CorelDRAW, Sketchup, and Fusion 360 however, I was curious if anyone knew what Flitetest uses? I'm not necessarily interested in copying their methods but I would be curious to see how they approach taking a 3d design into a 2d layout for the laser. Or if they start with a 2d and somehow fold it virtually with a 3d program. Unless they have their own proprietary system?


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Had you asked here or on YT? I wasn't sure where to look. I've seen their software here in there in videos but could never figure out what it was
Both... I was trying to get info on what they use to convert 3D CAD models into 2D flat patterns. I would hope their method is easier than what I have to do with my CAD program.
I've used solidworks to make my F-14. I think fusion 360 would work for flattening a 3D object. I am used to working in SW and prefer its file structure over Fusion 360. I used sheet metal features in SW. Unfortunately there is no free version for SW. Another CAD option is on shape.


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FT used CorelDRAW to design some of their planes.....at least that's what they (Josh Bixler) started designing with. Andres has used CAD software on some of the designs. I think it just depends on who and what they are designing. Go to 1:33 in the video below:

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