Does this transmitter work with this plane?


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I personally would get the one from Lazada. Due to the fact that it is a foam plane and it has everything you need.
I WOULD NOT get the balsa one, as when you crash it, it could be VERY hard to repair or even impossible...
If you can afford it.. REALLY go for the one from Lazada, it'll be much more trainer like, and easier to repair.


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700,000/30 is still 23333 dollars which would be completely insane for that small plane. we would pay 50 bucks maybe


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A tip don't buy a balsa/plywood kit from Banggood as your first model. Balsa models are not as easy to put together as people think, take it from someone who started at a young age building balsa kits.
Besides the tricky nature of building these type of models, if you read customer reviews you will notice that a lot of customers give negative feedback, due to either damaged or missing parts. If your an experienced model builder with experience in working with balsa, you can generally replace a damaged or missing part. This would not be as easy for someone new to the hobby. Plus waiting for Banggood to send a replacement part or issue a refund can take time and would be very frustrating.
I would take advice from @Matthewdupreez ew here. Buy a basic foam built model with everything included, the foam builds are more durable, cheaper and in 95% of cases easier to fly than an equivalent balsa trainer.