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Hey everyone, someone may have tried this already and it didn't catch on, but I thought this could be helpful for some people starting out. It's sorta an easy way to start out as a beginner not as easy as just buying a starter kit on the FT store. You'll save some money this way though. So I've picked out a few things like my favorite soldering iron, a good charger, and my best plane electronics and such. This is still meant to be used with the FT planes so hopefully you'll still buy a speed build kit or maybe you want to scratch build it. I just want to get people the best electronics for the best price. I wish I had a list like this when I started. If you have any ideas please make a post or if you have anything to add let me know. Oh, also I really don't want to take away business from FT, I just want to make it as cost friendly as possible for beginners. This would work best with about 200-300 gram planes. So the minis.

Best gear for starting out flying RC planes for a good price
This is an amazing Transmitter for how much it costs. It also comes with a receiver.

ESC with pre soldered XT60 connector and 3.5mm bullet connectors

Brushless motor, you would need to solder bullet connectors to these motors. Amazing motors though especially for the price. Pick whichever you like best.

Motor option 1 if you want to fly faster get the 2600kv option. If you prefer longer flight times get the 2300kv option.

Motor option 2 make sure to choose 2400kv option

Bullet connectors for motor.

Propellers. These are very durable good quality props.

Metal gear servos.

Y lead for aileron servos.

Battery, 3S 850mah with XT60 connector.

Super cheap charger. It works well though.

High quality variable temperature portable soldering iron.


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So does anyone have thoughts on this? I'm also open to adding electronics I missed or just better electronics for certain categories if you guys have suggestions. Hopefully in the future we can just link to this page and beginners will be able to find all the links they need in one spot.