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Don't look!


More combat please...
I've always had good service from Hobbypartz.
Looks like these combos would work out great for most of the $Tree foamboard planes that are so popular around here ;)

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Those are great combos, but my did I abuse them. The ESC died after two years of over amperage, several dunkings, and a 4 cell flying wing.
The servos are in a scratchbuild spitfire I am working on.
The motor... I tried my first glow to e conversion on a Carl Goldberg Eaglet. The thrust to weight was about 1 to 8. It flew once.
Those are great packs, just don't try a .25 glow conversion with them!:p


Very nice read FM, well done. I believe there should be a paragraph noting the addictive nature of the sport as well. A "How to" on breaking into kids piggy banks to supplement the addiction would be a nice addition as well :)