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Hey Y'all,

So as some of y'all might know, I was in the hobby for a few years... and then got dormant for a while. I am going off to college in a few months but want to get back into the hobby a bit. I am essentially trying to get rid of all my old stuff and streamline down to one setup. I am hoping to either sell or trade the things below for gear to use in my last build. Please just make offers as y'all want, I am not pricing anything specifically and am happy to split stuff up assuming it isn't ridiculous, but just ask and the worst I can say is no. I am honestly just looking for a win-win here. I am gonna be posting pictures of stuff by genre, if you want more details please just ask.

My Gear:

FMS Cessna Has a broken nose gear but everything else was in good condition last I checked. Would just need a receiver.
Discus Launch Glider with custom balsa wing
UMX Cirrus, was in a crash and suffered nose damage, all electronics are working last I checked.
Whats left of an FT Gremlin

Lots of batteries, some in good condition and others puffed.
Lots of motors, four of the ones that were used in some of the bigger Flitetest aircraft for a while. Great motors.
Lot of lights, an antenna, and some AIO video/transmitter combos.
Lot of assorted Tires, the large par was off of a FT Legacy
Bag of props of all shapes and sizes
Yellow box full of heli gear apparently? Not super sure, never messed with Helos a lot.
Bag of lots and lots of servos

What I AM looking to possibly trade for (as I don't currently have it):

Strix Nano Goblin
Nano Goblin Li-ion Batteries
Matek F411
SPM9745 Receiver
Fatshark Recon HD Goggles
Radio master TX16S

If you have gear that is similar to this feel free to reach out with an offer. I am happy to answer any questions,Thank y'all!


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