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Don't lose that model! Part two

A while back I posted a video, don't lose that model, about fitting model finders. Here's my part two, failsafe settings, especially for those new to this 2.4 ghz stuff (like I was!) A link to the Flysky transmitter is on the YT video.
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Nice video! I use fail safe on my flysky as well and it helped me a lot last Saturday! Here are the settings I use.
My tx batteries ran out ( hard learning experience to have) and my bushwhacker did a couple of lazy circles before taking most of the landing on its wing tip and left LG
the rubberbands did their job and took most of the crash. The LG on this plane is already spongey from previous landings and took the rest of the shock. See? Not to bad.

Now I gotta find your first video!😄
Thanks for that, very useful. I considered a bit of elevator down trim, but too much might be bad! I'll have to do some tests to see how the power down glide is with just a bit of aileron trim. Needs a bit of experimentation!


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For me it’s up trim, the controls might be reversed for us. I tend to err on the nose heavy side so the slight up elevator helped. I may add a slight bit of rudder too, to keep her flat and hopefully land on the wheels more. As far as it goes I’m pretty happy that she’s gonna be flying again with minimal repairs.
I did wonder about up trim. Some models porpoise and swoop slowly but eventually gently come down. I have yet to experiment with best settings for all my models!