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Dornier 335 Swappable Build

I have started on a Dornier 335 build with the goal of using two swappable pods in a push-pull configuration.
I used a three view drawing and scaled it up to have around a 42" wingspan. There are some pictures of what I have below. Some of the bigger challanges were, how do I make plans, and how do I get the parts right. So far I have used posterboard to get the plans right, then cut it out on foam board. The ohter challenge is how to get the elevator to work, and how to get the fuselage to connect, because it is longer than 30" (fuselage will be 42"). I am putting this on here and I will hopefully have some sort of plans eventually. I have kept all the templates for my build and will try and draw them digitally sometime. Here are some pictures.

For those of you thinking about making your own plane. I would reccomend drawing the wing out on posterboard, then fold it along the leading edge to get the shape of your wing bottom. I mostly did this to avoid a bunch of math. This is also very helpful with swept wings to get the angle right.

Wing and other.jpg
Initial Drawing

Do335 w dimensions.jpg

Ok, I've done some more work, I believe the wings will be put together shortly. I am going with the same amouunt of dihedral as the FT Spitfire since that seems to work well. Here is a pic of the turtle deck pieces on the back section the fuselage next to a spitfire.

Do-335 turtle deck.jpg

I joined the wings to the fuselage today. That was tough. I used an inaccurate measuring system and had to adjust quite a bit. It ended up being ok, it's just like the spitfire, now I just need to put in the spacers and BBQ skewers
Do-335 wings on.jpg
Do335 wings off.jpg

Started Painting the bottom
Do-335 bottom paint.jpg

Elevator and rudder servos go on soon.
Elevator and rudder on with servos. Bottom rudder to go.
Do-335 with Ribs.jpg

I finished the skin and the paint today. I think I'm going to leave it without markings so far. I might do some Iron Crosses, but that is about it.
Image 2.jpg Image.jpg Image 1.jpg

Here it is all done, I setup the elevator rudder, aileron and motors today. All of it works!

Do-335 with setup.jpg


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Gonna follow this, you build just the same way I build a B25. I like your idea. Keep us informed. Can't wait for the maiden
Grts Marc
wings are done, now working on fuselage. I'm making it alot like the Falken Coursair build. Skinny, but putting some foam boar pieces on to make the poster board look right.
marc60, can you link me to your B-25 build log?


skunkworx hobbies
crash it looks like you got struck by the inverted picture goblin too!
I cant wait to see this thing in action!
The Dornier do 335 is my favorite "oddball" airplane of World War 2. Nice job! There are not a lot of plans out there for these things let alone foam board style. Can't wait until I can try it out for myself! Keep it up!
Umm, I wanted to fly it, but I mostly just showed it to people. I am a intermediate pilot and was worried, so I decided to fly my spitfire first, and, that never got off the runway, so I just took it home without flying it, but I did show it to Josh and Alex. Josh and AJ.jpg