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Double the size, double the fun! (Now with even more blending)


Junior Member
This is just the first post of which i will be editing the crap out of. I am going to create a double sized blender bipe. so i will have an EIGHT FOOT (96") wingspan! It's going to be constructed out of essentially the same material, but it will be 3/4" thick and probably have some carbon fiber spurs placed through out. Electronics are some what in the air right now (so if anyone has some ideas, chime in) But, my goal is to achieve 3d with it, so all of the ailerons will be functional as well as more control surface on the rudder and elevator! I will be picking up material after school today and the first round of pictures will be posted tonight!
Take a look at the end of this video of our multicopter Saturday. ,you can jump to 3:27. I show the 1.20 size Grandpa Blender on my table. It's farther along now. This beast has 60" span wings, I can't imagine a 96" span bipe. :eek:

I'm using a Firepower 6354/03 from HeadsUpRC on 8S. It yanked around an 8-9# SU-31 so I think it will haul this plane OK. Good luck with your beast! :D