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Downloading tiled plans.

I have downloaded and built several FT models before - no trouble downloading and good building experiences.
But this weekend I have been trying to download the tiled plans for the Simple Storch. There are 36 sheets in this download but I have only been able to download and print sheet numbers 1 to 18, and sheets 25 to 36. This leaves the six sheets 19 to 24 missing from the download/printout.
I've had several goes at it - have tried a second printing of all 36 sheets. Have tried a 'group' printout for just those 6 sheets and have also tried an individual printing of each of each of the missing sheets. Nothing has worked and I'm still missing sheet numbers 19 to 24.
Was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem, and does anyone have a solution to fix it. Any suggestions are welcome..!
Andrew W.