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Dromida Twin Explorer, Glider?


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So I had one of these (or at least something nearly identical) a LONG LONG time ago... it was a blast... for under $40 RTF at least...

twin explorer.jpg

I made the 100 mile trek to the "big city" to get some parts/supplies... figured a trip to the hobby shop was in order. Along with my usual little bag of random build materials I picked up a Dromida Twin Explorer... but not the $40 RTF one... this is the glider version for $10, minus any components (other than weights glued into the nose lol)


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So, it might be cheating to anyone interested in a glider to rc conversion, (but not really IMO as the RTf one only uses diff thrust and no control surfaces) but its nearly the same size as the RMRC/banggood/michaels gliders with much better foam and room for future electronics...

Just food for thought...
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