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Drone hunters lining up and paying out in Colorado

*FACEPALM* Great. Now I'm wondering if there is going to be a DON'T SHOOT I'M NOT A DRONE color we can paint our planes/copters, similar to the hunter's orange vest.


creator of virtual planes
I read a similar article about that. The restrictions made it sound like you can only shoot at police/military drones at low altitudes. Which they wouldn't fly at such low altitudes. Basically, my impression was that it wouldn't be possible to actually shoot anything down and it's just a way for the town to make money off of paranoid idiots.

I didn't read this article, but the one I did read said that if you shoot down some one's personal property, the shooter has to pay for a replacement.


Dedicated foam bender
This again? Will sheeple ever learn? Drones are not a problem! Sorry, I know you guys know this...I just get tired of the bad press and what it will mean to us if the paranoids get their way.


Dedicated foam bender
I don't mind them raising money for a small town, I really don't. I just hate that everybody has to sensationalize it and feed the fear of something they really don't need to fear.
I'm just surprised that anyone who wants to blow a drone out of the sky is going to bother with a licence to do it. I guess the only thing the FPV pilots can do is fit a gun turret and return fire.