Help! Dsm transmiter/ ar6100 reciever

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So I am building the FT Delta wing and been working fairly diligently on getting it done. Then I get to the part where it time to hook up electronics.....
I own a couple of ar6100 receivers that came out of some helis I had
One is the e model which I think only means it has end pins( please let me.know if i am off on that)
I have a hp6dsm and lp5ds. Transmitter
I bought (of course) the cheapest motor/esc/servo pack of the online box store (2212 1400kv, 30 amp esc and 9 gram servos)
I can bind the reciever and transmitter but then I can go no further the esc will not link.
I have a couple different batteries
I used a 3cell 800mah battery
I have watched the videos and done Tons of looking thru old manuals .
Any advice or knowledge would be huge...!
Dip switch settings on my transmitter?
I have everyone down except 10
Flight mode 0
Dual rate lo
Thrtle hld 0 or back
All trims centered
Throttle trim all the way down


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From what I could find you have to change dip switches for it to work for an airplane and there is no other programing it will do. Just what I found on a quick search as they are discontinued.

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Thank you for the respon. I thought that may be the case. I'm thinking I just need to upgrade to an actual hobby model. I believe I can get into a spectrum dx6 or 7 pretty resonable.🛩🛩✈️🛫🛬

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Thanks a lot bwarz. I did try to calibrate the esc with the throttle turned up. I never got the beeps like the video shows. Not 2 up or three down. I do not as of yet own a good battery charger/discharger or a serv tester.
Tell how else I cpould approach the calibration. ??
Side note , went thru the whole procedure again and I did get a little bit of movement and chirping from the motor.
Any idea.