Solved Radiomaster Pocket binding with R84 Reciever


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Hey all!

I've been trying to bind my R84 Reciever to my Radiomaster Pocket that I received as part of the FT Tutor Kit. I've done some reading online and from what I've been seeing, the way to bind is to:

1. Turn on Transmitter.
2. Navigate to Internal RF
3. Select Frsky Protocol D8
4. Plug in power to the receiver while holding the bind button.
5. Press bind on the transmitter when the receiver LED blinks single red flashes.
6. Voila its bound.

I'm able to get the receiver into binding mode and its LED is flashing.
These are the settings I'm seeing on the transmitter:

Mode: Multi
Type: FrSky D
Subtype: D8
Status: No Telemetry
Ch. Range: CH1-16
Reciever: 00 [BND][RnG]

Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

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Turns out I had to go into sys, then scroll through the pages until "hardware", find internal RF, under type select MULTI. then repeat steps above.