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dual female jumper wires?

Has anybody ran just the signal wire from receiver to controll board.
I know I would have to leave one for power.
Was wondering if I could use just the signal for the other 4.


Rotor Riot!
Do you mean something like this? Use one jumper cable for signal and power, and another one for the three signal wires.



Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Yes, I have seen it done, Bruce at Rcmodelreviews does it with his quad. I'm finishing up a tricopter with the 10mm carbon fiber square tubes and wish I would have done it for that. Getting two 16 gauge wires and an ESC 3-wire lead and the 3-wire servo lead down the boom was a pain in the bootay.
Why yes. Something like just like that. But on this kk2 the elevator and rudder
Is split by the throttle. So ill have to split up the end at the control board.
But it will work the way I was wondering.
Now I don't have to wait 2 weeks for shipping from hongkong on just some little wires LoL
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Misfit Multirotor Monkey
To fit inside the boom, I had to connect the servo connectors once I passed the wire through. The inside diameter of the boom is a hair over 8 mm. The bullet connectors go through easy. The serendipitous discovery was the front booms only need the two 16 gauge wire and the single ESC lead, BUT it has the pivot screw cutting straight through the middle cross section. The rear boom is clamped so there's no screw inside the tube, but as I said, it has the extra servo lead.
Does removing the + and - from the three channels protect the flight control board , or is this done to keep things simple and neat? And also , can you do a similar method for the esc?
It's just to keep things neat. I did it to move my receiver and only had one long jumper and I used a servo extension for throttle.
And yes it would work for the ESCs just have one with power and signal.