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Duck Decoy Plane

Hi there! I am a biology teacher and thankful to have bright and creative students with excellent ideas! One of my students suggested that it would be very cool to make a Duck Decoy fly! If you do this one, can you please give a shout out to a student named "Chaz" ? Thanks for all you do!


Knower of useless information
An ft ornithopter would be great.
I have an avitron along with various own design free flight models of birds. Other than real birds attacking them they are great fun.
LOL sometimes real birds go after planes and quads...I've had hummingbirds come after my tinywhoops, ravens come after my 5" quad, and a red tailed hawk that tried to attack my UMX Timber when it was on the ground. :)
Fun to read the comments in the thread! Thanks for the input! I think Chaz has deferred to a flying pink yard flamingo. That would be cool as a wings and center of mass experiment, but it might also be pretty epic as a quad copter! Cheers!