Durafly Excalibur, 63" warmliner motorglider


Build cheap, crash cheap
Who here has one? Care to share your experiences? Modifications?


I bought my Excalibur last week and did the maiden flight today, my local park is still closed due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, but the 45 minute drive to the next nearest RC field was worth it. I'm only 2 flights in but I really like this plane and this style of flying; zoom up and glide for a couple of minutes, climb and repeat. Throw in some speedy passes here and there or some graceful power-off aerobatics, it's good fun and more relaxing than my experiences at the opposite end of the spectrum; trying to keep up with my little orange baby Bugatti for 4 minutes! My first flight was 14 minutes or so and the second was just over 20, I got a crick in my neck flying this thing.

The Excalibur was on my short list after seeing Flitetest and André Rousseau give it some praise, but since they're currently on sale on Hobbyking I had to take it from "short list" to "buy now". It lives up to what I heard about it, handles great, goes pretty fast, stalls as gently as any trainer. No buyers remorse here, it's a good sign for my first non-scratchbuilt model. I'm planning on adding some CF strips to the fuselage around the aft vents, upgrading the prop to Aeronaut CAM and the spinner to a nice aluminum one, mostly to address some weaknesses people seem to have found when running this plane hard.

I would upload a video but my video camera's lens is far too wide for this kind of footage, who wants to see 14 minutes of a tiny plane which occasionally gets a little bigger for a few seconds during a pass? Can't even hear that cool little whistle it makes on a gliding pass because of the wind noise. Looking forward to many more hours flying this plane.
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