1. N

    What prop should i use?

    Hey guys, i made a simple glider that has a 1200mm wing span, 840mm length and weighs in around at 800-900 grams with all the electronics including the battery. the shape and design is a mix of the FT explorer and FT simple storch. I currently have a 40a ESC and a 2212 2200kv motor and do not...
  2. jwhitacre

    83" Scratch Built Sailplane, $60 LPU

    This started as a Sig Riser kit, and well you can see that never happened. 6 panel wing, Paragon inspired fuselage, and AG37 airfoil. Receiver ready LPU only. Can meet in the Pittsburgh area. Thanks for looking!
  3. B

    Check compatibility of my parts please

    I am building a DIY rc plane out of a foam glider and I want to know if all of these parts will fit together and if my battery is small enough. I want to have a longer flight time but obviously want the plane to fly as well. Let me know what you guys think!
  4. Vincent1289

    PLA/Balsa motorglider project

    Started (almost finished) this CAD model of a balsa Motorglider with 3D printed PLA wingribs & Fuselage. It'll be very fun and interesting to combine new & old techniques. Wingspan: 2300mm (90.55") Length: 1365mm (53.74") Motor: Aerostar 800kv ESC: Aerostar 60amp Battery: 2200mAH 4s I'm...
  5. Mr NCT

    Part Explorer Extended Sport Wing with Flaps 2022-02-15

    A longer sport wing with flaps. Gives a very gentle flight and great glide while keeping the ailerons. Built for a 3 to 5 degree dihedral and should have a reinforcing spar where the wings join.
  6. D

    Potato Launcher Cannon Project

    Inspired by the Backyard Scientist’s potato launcher glider, I’m working on writing up a project guide for my nephews (whom are only 8 and 9 years old) so that we can make a glider ourselves. I will be tasking them to do some basic research for glider designs, and want them to learn as much as...
  7. glideher

    Low Leverl Thermaling with UltraLight Micro DLG glider

  8. IMG_20210626_162709.jpg


    The tow hook is hard to see, but it's there.
  9. IMG_20210626_162702.jpg


    After launches
  10. IMG_20210625_165615.jpg


  11. stiffneck.JPG


    Way up there
  12. in the air.JPG

    in the air.JPG

  13. Q-10launch.JPG


  14. bird&glider.JPG


    I did a loop to show off, but I think it scared the bird away.
  15. not a bird attack.JPG

    not a bird attack.JPG

    I was slope soaring, when one of the other birds approached my glider to check it out.
  16. GliderFlyer

    Simple soarer RES

    Simple soarer RES ...need I say more?
  17. duckduckgoose

    Can't trim out roll (sailplane) SOLVED

    TLDR: powered glider keeps rolling either way and can't be trimmed out BACKGROUND: Hi, been a long time since I've been in here but I have a rolling issue with my latest build, a twin boom sailplane. The plane has an upscaled tiny trainer wing (lengthened and flaps installed as well) and has a...
  18. hand catch.JPG

    hand catch.JPG

  19. gliderloop.JPG


  20. gliderdive3.JPG