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DX4e and DX4e Compadible Recivers.


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Hi everyone,
I have a DX4e and I have been building a speed build which I was hoping I could connect my DX4e too. I have been a bit confused with what I can and cannot buy that will work as a reciver for it. I bought the Delta Ray and I have dofferential thrust set up and I need differential thrust for my next plane so how would I make sure I have the differential on my next plane? Does anyone know where to get a good compadible reciver that doesn't cost insane amounts? Many thanks to all of you.

Ron B

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orange tx will bind to the dx4e
sorry I can't help with differential thrust for it as I believe that was done with the Delta's control board.
lemon receivers are DSM@ compatible. Go to there website, you can get a 5 pack for $25 or so. I have used the orangerx and lemons and lemons are as good if not better and half the price. I dont think you can get differential thrust setup on the dx4 radio, I think the DX6 will do it .


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Others have commented on what receiver to use. You can't get diff thrust on the DX4e. You need programmable mixes to do that. The DR does it on board like it does the elevon mixing and you can't really replicate that aftermarket. You really need to step up to something like a DX6 (or maybe the Orange Tx) to do it right. But you only "need" diff thrust if you don't have a rudder. If you are building a twin with rudder you can add diff thrust later when you upgrade your Tx.