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  1. Vampircorn

    DX4e Elevon Mixing Problem

    I just built the FT Mighty Mini F-22 tonight, and I have encountered a problem with the elevons and my DX4e transmitter. When I flip the mix switch the elevons work, but the stick's controls are swapped. What I mean by this is that (in Mode 2) moving the right stick up/down controls the roll...
  2. C

    Spektrum DX4e Reciver (SPMR4400C)

    Spektrum DX4e Reciver (SPMR4400C) I have a Spectrum DX4e transmitter that came with my Hobbyzone Super Cub S With SAFE. The plane came with a bind plug but it didn't come with the DX4e reciver (the reciver/ESC, I think/gyro with SAFE was built in with the plane). I've been wanting to make my...
  3. APlane

    BLADE 350 QX2 AP w/ DX4e Tx. No Batteries. Some Custom mods, and some issues For sale

    I am selling my Blade350 qx2 AP quadcopter. It flies nicely, but I have moved on to miniquad racing, and no longer need this taking up space. There are some custom mods that I did, you can see these in the ebay pictures/description. I will not be including batteries, or a case. Just the quad...
  4. K

    DX4e and DX4e Compadible Recivers.

    Hi everyone, I have a DX4e and I have been building a speed build which I was hoping I could connect my DX4e too. I have been a bit confused with what I can and cannot buy that will work as a reciver for it. I bought the Delta Ray and I have dofferential thrust set up and I need differential...
  5. R

    DX4e and Flip 1.5 MWC?

    I am helping a friend of mine build a quad copter and he is trying to stay on a low budget. He wants to use the flip 1.5 flight control board. I have a dx4e sitting around that I am never going to use again that I said he could use. Will they work together? I know that in the set-up process you...
  6. S

    SAFE on DX6i

    Hello guys, Yesterday I bought the HobbyZone F4U Corsair S (looks awesome) and I bound it to my DX6i. However, I dont know how SAFE works on the DX6i. The guys at the hobbyshop where I bought the plane said that it was perfectly possible to use SAFE on my DX6i, but there is no 3-modes switch...
  7. J

    SuperCub Stock Receiver Using 5th Channel

    So I bought the SuperCub as my trainer to learn to fly. I have the DX4e transmitter that came with it. I know the supercub stock receiver can handle ailerons (I'll be adding these once I master 3 channel flying), but without getting a new receiver can the stock receiver be used to also control...
  8. G

    Spektrum DX4e - Inquiry of a noob.

    I have recently purchased a HobbyZone - DeltaRay and it came with a DX4e i believe many of their other models come standard with this transmitter as well (Correct me if i'm wrong). This is my first hobby grade aircraft and i plan on buying another one except i would like to avoid buying an...