Help! E-Flite Apprentice S 15e Propeller Won't Detach


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I recently have been getting my Apprentice ready to fly again after a couple of crashes. All has been going well but I have stumbled across an issue with the propeller.
I took off the spinner and the nut and washer that came with it, and all that remains is the propeller that is stuck to the motor collet. The propeller used to come off with ease, like demonstrated in this video at 1:15.
The propeller is completely stuck and doesn't come off with as much pressure I can apply.

Some images:




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Try spinning a propeller like a bolt. I had the same problem with another motor, and the thread just presses in to the propeller, as the plastic becomes larger from air pressure I think


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It’s likely the prop got wedged onto the motor shaft. Had it happen to me a couple of times with our club trainer planes (we have a fleet of Apprentice S 15es that we teach the public with), and it just took a bit of wiggling and spinning it off.

Try holding the outer part of the motor, and then spin the prop in the opposite direction (in your case, clockwise) with a gentle tug, while holding on to the shaft or the motor housing, and it should work its way loose.

You can try pliers to get a grip on the motor shaft, but if you do, use LIGHT pressure! Otherwise you run the risk of damaging the shaft itself.


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I hope the prop has indeed moved forward away from the drive face so it is not truly stuck.
It is the drive nut thread that is stopping you pulling it straight off so as has been advised simply turn the prop as if it was a nut.
You would be advised to 'screw' it back on when you replace it. You do not want the prop to become a loose fit on the prop driver.;)