Easy Wing with Adams Foamboard

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Alot of guys at the flying field have some variation of small V-Wings (?) made with a sheet of Adams Foam Board. They are built to the style/dimensions of those that are in the Experimental Airlines Videos on You-Tube. While they are cool, I wanted to build one Flite Test Style. Made with Foamsboard, BBQ Skewers, FT Motor Mount, Servo Horns and Servos. I built it to the same dimensions that is in the Experimental Airlines videos, and added these FT touches to it.

In the photo, you can see the original power setup I used for its maiden flight. The motor was comparable to a "Blue Wonder" backed by a 12 amp ESC. While it's flights went well, the speed was not there for me and I wanted something just a touch faster. While the setup is adequate, the other guys at the field use
2212 2200 KVA motors and 6 inch props on theirs and they have unlimited vertical and they flat out scream.

However, I currently use a 30amp ESC with a 2806 1450KVA Hobby Mate motor swinging a 7x6 prop. While a bit under-powered to do unlimited vertical climbs its has some good speed and does rolls and loops very good. As far as handling, it can be flown very docile on low rates or very maneuverable on high rates. For me it has been a very good introduction aircraft to this style of RC plane.

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