Eclipson Model A - FYI - PLA print - Very tail heavy


Does anyone have experience flying the Model A printed in PLA? I'm wondering how well it will fly.

I just completed a build of the Eclipson Model A using PLA. The resulting plane was very tail heavy. To get it to balance slightly nose down I had to switch out an 80g 3S battery for a 180g 4S battery. All parts where printed to spec.
I was very surprised that it would need so much extra weight in the nose, but looking that the specs on the Eclipson page the numbers do work out. The printed weight difference between PLA and LW-PLA is 170g the the difference between the take off weights is 240g so they are implying that the PLA version requires at least 70g of extra mass in the nose. The numbers are given with landing gear which is forward of the CG so I assume that is accouning for some of the extra mass I need. Problem with this is that the extra weight in the nose will cause a lot of damage if you catch the nose during the landing.

BTW - the video doesn't mention it but the suggested power pack (FliteTest B) requires the use of an 8mm standoff between the motor and part 29 - Motor Holder.
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I have the same issue with mine. I had to add a bunch of weight to the front. I just finished it last night and worried that it will not fly well with all that weight.


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I used a C pack motor up front with a 3s 1300 all the way forward. It flys really nice, a bit fast but will slow down and land nicely. I have about 10 flights on mine with just minor scuffs on the fuse bottom.


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I had one printed in PLA and decided to shelve it and look into LW-PLA...
LOVE to see a maiden vid!


My was a crash and burn. It was too heavy and too under powered. I think I am going to skip the Eclipson models from now on, I don't feel like investing in LW PLA.