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Hello all!
Ever heard of Maynard Hill or TAM-5? Well if you havent, TAM-5 was a nitro that has the title of being the first hobby plane to have a trans-Atlantic flight! This challange is open to all (obviously). Design a scratch build, or a modification of an existing hobby aircraft, focusing on flight time and/or mW/h efficiency, make it challenging for yourself! The only real limitation, Id say, is try to remain airborne for over 1 hour with a budget of less than $150!:cool:

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Look at quorneg's thread: "What to do with an art tech wing dragon". He has achieved a 2 hour flight!:D TAM-5 is really cool though!!!
Flitetest should duplicate that! Imagine the publicity!


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I've been on a slope soaring kick lately. Hour long flights are quite common. No motor required. The main reasons for landing are to have a rest or to check phones...


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It becomes hard to concentrate. And often one gets cold.

I've chucked a 5000mAh 3s in a Bixler before and flew about 50 minutes, and had plenty of juice left when I landed it. But that was pretty boring.


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As mentioned it is possible to do really long electric powered flights.
The trick is to get the right balance between the benefits of structural strength as things get smaller and the reduction of aerodynamic efficiency with reducing size.
Of course you still have to make the best structural use of what ever you build it out of in order to achieve the best possible battery to plane weight ratio.

My best so far is 48" span made largely of Depron and the battery is 50% of its total weight. It has a demonstrated capability (but not attempted!) of no less than 5 hours.

Perhaps a harder challenge would be to limit the battery capacity.