Emax 8045


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First time builder here, having a lot of success thanks to all the content on this forum. I built a tricopter using the powerpack D, electrohub etc. My question is, the emax 2213 motors on the flitetest store come with 1045 props and I want to get the 8045 as well. I'm able to find loads of 8045 props on amazon but none with the Emax "double D" hole in the prop that allows it to tighten on the motor. Does anyone know where to get Emax 8045 props or of a manufacturer that does something similar?

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no guarantees its what you want but there's this.


If you have a "Normal" CCW prop and CW threaded motor shaft, the nut will self tighten. If you have a "Reverse" CW prop then you need a CCW (left handed) threaded motor shaft for the nut to self tighten. If you must use a CW threaded motor shaft in reverse (ie CW with a reverse/pusher/CW prop) then a snugged up nylock nut and maybe a bit of blue locktite and pre-flight checks will work.