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Engine mounting?

On the down-hill slide on this ARF Futaba Professor 40 but a lot of things dont seem to add up..
The engine mount that came with the kit is nothing i have seen and i dont understand it. Here are the pictures if you can help it is greatly appreciated.

Mounting holes on bottom of engine

Mounting plate in the plane

Engine sitting in the mount the only way i see possible

The res of the contents from the mount package


Flying Derp
Why don't you condense all these posts into a single build thread and ask all your questions there? Did that mount come pre-installed or did you install it? The rails need to be closer together and you'll have to drill some new holes to line up with the mounting holes on the engine.
The mount was all one piece, all i did was put on the 4 bolts that hold it in place.
I would put them all in one thread but then i think i get confused with people commenting on different things and its not as clear


Flying Derp
Ok, your mount is too wide for that engine. Do you have a hobby shop nearby? They should have basic nylon engine mounts like the one I pictured above. That way you won't have to order it.


Old age member
The supplied motor mount is exactly what you need. Dont buy anything else.
Just put the to brackets over the motor and tighten with the supplied screws.
The motor angle can be adjusted easily normally a few degrees to the right just by loosening the bolts, adjusting and tightening again.

Good to see that you are only using 2 holes to the tank.

Get a fuel filter to connect the to fuel tubes when not using the enginge and you wont get any leakage - and dont have to empty the tank totally after flying - plus can fuel the plane att home before leaving to the field - saves you a lot of time from getting cold fingers this time of the year.