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  1. Aviation RC Noob Podcast

    Episode 3 - Parts Shopping

    We have finished Episode 3 - Parts Shopping! Go on and take a listen Stop by our facebook page:
  2. Andre

    072 RCAH 10 Apr 2020 Flex Innovations Seth Arnold

    072 RCAH 10 Apr 2020 Flex Innovations Seth Arnold - Podcast Seth Arnold from Flex Innovations is the guest in the hot seat in this podcast. https://www.flexinnovations.com/ Seth’s Bio https://www.flexinnovations.com/seth-arnold/ Flex Innovations has been coming to Flite Fest over the past...
  3. Aviation RC Noob Podcast

    Coming Soon - A helping hand for the noob

    Coming Soon! Listen in as Matt (FoamyDM) does his best to help Joe jumpstart into the Aviation RC Hobby. We cover our experiences, questions, and try and bring a better understanding so we can all spend more time flying, and less time scratching our heads. :unsure:
  4. Andre

    RCAH 059 Pre Flite Fest Ohio 2019

    059 Pre Flite Fest Ohio 2019
  5. HilldaFlyer

    Episode 121 - Flying Season wishlist!

    Episode 121 - Flying Season wishlist! April 20, 2018 Episode 121 - Flying Season Wishlist Join Steve, Kevin and Fred as we discuss what we're wishing for the 2018 flying season. Thank You so much from the FFRC Podcast crew! Free our skies and we'll see ya next time... To get in touch with...
  6. Andre

    RCAH 018 EXCLUSIVE B-24 Liberator from MotionRC

    Ok, I decided to post this podcast episode here simply because I enjoyed it so much. http://www.rcafterhours.com/018-exclusive-b-24-liberator-from-motionrc/ Head on over and have a listen. We talk to Alpha from Motion RC about the RC plane industry and what it takes to bring a model to market...
  7. D

    Episode 58 - New Friends, Old Friends!

    Episode 58 - New Friends, Old Friends! Released: January 20th, 2017 Join Steve and Kevin as we talk about some new friends we met, old friends and stuff. Questions, Comments? Get in touch with us: Reply right here on the forum or: Email us at freefallrc@gmail.com Listen to us on PodBean...
  8. D

    Episode 57 - Talking shop with Fred!

    Episode 57 - Talking shop with Fred Released: January 13th, 2017 Join Steve, Kevin and our good friend Fred Provost as we discuss building a workshop. Maker spaces to small work bench and building on your kitchen table. Whatever you got as a work area, find out how the guys get ideas and...
  9. Andre

    130 GetFpv

    130 GetFpv The FTAfterhours guys have special guest Sean Pontzer from Getfpv.com. We learn from Sean all the ins and outs of running a successful RC online business. Thanks for listening and go check them out. 130 GetFpv
  10. Andre

    129 Phantom Menace

    129 Phantom Menace Chris and Andre have another bench flying session. Listen in to find out the BIG news from Andre. Tons of new products have been released or are coming soon. Find out some of the ones that caught our eye. 129 Phantom Menace
  11. Andre

    122 Did I get the shot?

    122 Did I get the shot? Chris and Andre try and catch up with whats going on since there has been hardly any flying since Flitefest. The guys try and answer the number one question "how did you get that shot" with tips on what equipment to use and how to get better photos and video. Andre fills...
  12. Andre

    118 FliteFest 2016

    118 FliteFest 2016 Chris,Wayne,Andre and special guest Mike Finley from the FT community podcast share all there favorite moments from Flitefest 2016.
  13. Andre

    116 Andre's trip to Ohio

    116 Andre's trip to Ohio Andre made the long trip from Ottawa down to Ohio to join the rest of the FT Afterhours crew for 3 days of flying shenanigans.It was non stop from dodging trees at Wayne's,formationTundra flying at Fury field to glider towing at the original FT headquarters. 116 Andre's...
  14. Andre

    113 Bench Flying

    113 Bench Flying Join host Chris Roncaglione,Andre Rousseau and David Windestal in an epic bench flying session that includes new RC products,news stories,tricopters,shooting aerial video and much more - See more at: 113 Bench Flying
  15. Andre

    111 Weak Signals

    111 Weak Signals Chris, Mike and Adam make the yearly trip to Toledo,Ohio for the Weak Signals RC show and discuss what caught there interest. Andre also joins the group and since we had a few good flying days listen to see what happened and who crashed what. - See more at: 111 Weak Signals
  16. Andre

    110 Planes of the corn

    110 Planes of the corn Finally the time has come for the long awaited crash story podcast. Enjoy! - See more at: 110 Planes of the corn
  17. Andre

    109 Final Glide with Chad Nowak

    109 Final Glide with Chad Nowak Special guests David Windestal and Rotor Riot's Chad Nowak join us in studio and we discuss everything from drone racing to Chad's other passion full scale Gliding. - See more at: 109 Final Glide with Chad Nowak
  18. Andre

    105 Drone Racing League ?

    105 Drone Racing League ? Josh, Austin, Alex, Peter and Stefan (big group today!) sit down and discuss Flite Fest, the new Drone Racing League and some very cool Flite Test updates! - See more at: 105 Drone Racing League ?
  19. Andre

    104 Durafly Tundra review

    104 Durafly Tundra review Wow the review that almost didnt happen. Join Chris,Wayne,Andre and Stuart from Hobbyking and as they discuss every inch and detail of the new Durafly Tundra.Thanks for listening - See more at: 104 Durafly Tundra review Durafly Tundra 1300mm Sports Model w/Flaps -...
  20. Andre

    103 The Yak experience

    103 The Yak experience Sorry for the delay but we were having a few issues with the website but better late than never. this is one of our longest podcast ever and it was a packed house with Chris,Mike,Pat,Scott,Andre and David. Discussions varied from some new products from C.E.S. that were...