Episode 57 - Talking shop with Fred!

Episode 57 - Talking shop with Fred
Released: January 13th, 2017

Join Steve, Kevin and our good friend Fred Provost as we discuss building a workshop. Maker spaces to small work bench and building on your kitchen table. Whatever you got as a work area, find out how the guys get ideas and build the perfect workshop!

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Skill Collector
Thanks for a great episode guys! All the workshop talk inspired me to do a quick video of some of the storage and setup I have in my workshop, as well as discuss my 'mobile dining room table workshop in a suitcase' setup.



Flite Test Groupie
I need to clean mine up, so give me a day or month to post something better. Ha

Mine is a small, unheated, one car garage that is full of woodworking tools with airplanes laying and hanging everywhere. It is due for a major overhaul as I have some woodworking projects that need to be completed, so I need to better organize the plane items. The mess started as lack of time, which prevents completing projects in one session. I tend to leave projects out for easy access when I can steal away 30-60 minutes to do builds/repairs but can't take time (or the weather) to fly.

I have two main areas for scratch builds.


The most used is in the garage/workshop. I have an old hollow core door setting on sawhorses and a chair that I set up in the middle. This works well as I can leave it out and also set it aside when needed. It often stays out and in use.


This is how it often looks (this was after unloading car from FF15), note lathe.

The workshop has cabinets around with shallow table tops to hold tools and projects. There is a main very sturdy work bench made from a solid core door remnant with recycled 4x4 posts and sheaves underneath at standing height.
(picture here later)


The other work area is a craft area that has kitchen counter type layout.The space was a second kitchen in the house that was outdated and damaged in a sewer pipe collapse under the floor. I redid as a food pantry and craft area to be more useful to our family. I can't leave this area covered for very long with a project as it tends to bother a certain significant other if they can't use it too.

This is a time lapse build I did in the space.

I will add some more pics as I clean in the near future.


Skill Collector
I love the suitcase!

The clutter... not as much. :D

A clean workshop is a sign of a sick mind. :p

Honestly, the clutter is getting to me too. I just don't want to take time away from all the cool projects I want to finish, and I really don't want to throw anything away to make more space. As soon as I throw something out, I'm sure I'll need it.

Maybe I need to make some of those DTFB organizer units for the balsa and covering... getting those under control would be a good step, and it would use up some of the foam board scraps too...


Aviation Enthusiast
Folding card table

I use a plastic folding card table I purchased at WalMart years ago and cardboard boxes for storage of parts and tools. The table is very flat, hot glue doesnt stick to it and I can put my work area away within minutes! I also use a building board and cutting matt for precision.

Thanks for a great episode guys! All the workshop talk inspired me to do a quick video of some of the storage and setup I have in my workshop, as well as discuss my 'mobile dining room table workshop in a suitcase' setup.

Looks good, you're definitely utilizing the space you got! I like the idea of the ikea scratch and dented stuff. I'm going to have to take a look. Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks for the shout out guys! I'll get some work area photos...
I liked all the ideas and the photos do speak a 1000 words, so thanks Fred. I wish I had a dedicated "shed" the size of my house to use for builds. I'll have to take a photo of me during the build season in MA... Ski pants and coat with the unheated basement at 53 F.


Bought Another Trailer
Staff member
I don't miss it David. I used to live east of you in a town called Pembroke.

I did enjoy trips out your way, the Quabbin, the Mohawk Trail, Shelborne Falls and the Devil's Potholes as well as the Dinosaur Footprints.

But the winter, nope, don't miss it one bit.


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Well, I'm kind of used to the cold and such from growing up in Western Montana. I miss the "real" mountains, though. I would really like to take my RC hobby back and get some aerial video of the mountains, waterfalls, etc. What would be really cool is to go backpacking in the mountains, like I did as a kid, with a solar charging station and fly places where no aircraft has gone before.

Being here... I like the four seasons that are very mild in comparison. The snow in the winter almost melts the next day, summers that have a week or two of days when air conditioning is a must, and long crisp falls and springs.

Thanks for the trip tips. I've written them down and will get out of town this year. Maybe take a aircraft with me.