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esc doesn't sound/motors don't spin

Hi, I've been working on this quad for a while now and I'm at the stage where I test if my motors are spinning in betaflight, and, they don't. When i plug in the battery my jb 4 in 1 esc doesn't sound and when I test the motors in the motors tab in betaflight it doesn't work. If the esc doesn't sound i guess it's because it isn't "talking" to the fc. I tested the esc with a multimeter to se if it wasn't fried but i guess it isn't. The current is defenetly passing thru because it powers up my vtx and my receiver but there's just no data transfer. I've been trying to solve this problem for three days now and I'm out of ideas. Please help.
yea sure,

so i got the joshua bardwell 4 in 1 esc and the holybro kakute f7 flight controller so they are connected with a plug. I have a 4s lipo and 4 3b hobby 2306 2500kv motors


yea i'm french, so everything is in french but you can see i got the battery pluged in and "i understand the risks" on. when I drag the thing up the motors dosn't spin.

tell me if you need more info :)
Ok, thanks I'll try that! and how hot can an esc be? This is my first drone so i don't really know, it's getting kinda hot so i wonder if it's fried?