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ESC flashing issues

I'm putting together a 250 quad and have purchased Mystery 12a escs. I intended to flash them with simonK so I also purchased the Afro usb programmer tool. I've attempted to flash them using both kkMulticoper flash tool and RapidFlash neither one could communicate with the esc. kkMulticoper continually times out and RapidFlash reports "Connection to the module failed". I know the tool works b/c I have successfully flashed some Lumenier escs. I've followed all the suggestions I've found on RC groups (disconnect the positive lead from the servo cable, power up the esc, etc.

Any ideas on how to get the programmer and esc to communicate?


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Unfortunatley you have to flash them the hard way once (connecting to pinpads on the board, or using a chip socket) before you can flash through the ESC control wire. you're gonna need a different programmer to flash it the first time. An arduino board or a USBASP board can be made to do this

Here's a fair how-to using a USBASP:


Keep in mind since you've got the mystery series, the layout is the same, but the FETs on-board are different. you'll need a different ROM. be sure to flash the bootloader version -- that's what makes flashing over the control wire possible.
Thanks for the info Dan. Wow, esc brain surgery! Don't think I'm ready for that. Guess I'll be buying more escs... digging myself deeper into the multirotor money pit, haha!


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Hey duke,
welcome to the forum :)

It's not that difficult as it sounds. Besides the USBASP programmer I got the Atmega Socket Flashing Tool from HobbyKing because flashing ESCs is something I'm going to do quite often anyways. With the tool you just have to find the Atmega chip on your ESC (usually I cut small hole in the heatshrink) and hold it on the chip for the time you are flashing.

There's a list that has SimonK compatible ESCs and pictures from the front and back to help you find the Atmega chip. It also telly your which firmware you need.

IIRC it's this one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhR02IDNb7_MdEhfVjk3MkRHVzhKdjU1YzdBQkZZRlE#gid=0