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ESC setup with Pole count and timing.


Junior Member
I would love to see webisode where PWM, Timing, Pole counts and all that type of stuff is explained. I can't figure out how to setup my esc! The worst part is that pole cound never seems to be listed in the specs of the motors. And what's up with the timing options? PWM?

I like to know how it works, so that I can figure it out. So if you guys ever do make an episode, please explain what the settings mean... maybe set up the ESC in the default setup, test on a watt meter, then adjust the settings and show the results on the watt meter again.

Thanks!! Maybe one of these days I'll get the max watts out of my power setups!



Junior Member
A episode like that, could also incl. How to extend the battery cable on a ESC.
And what will happen if you make the cables to long. (Burned ESC)
And why?