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Help! Esc throttle calibration

I bought power pack a from flitetest, built plane, and flew it, first time ever flying rc plane, did great, but plane seemed underpowered, then I saw where you're supposed to calibrate esc throttle but on flitetest videos and everywhere I look they say put throttle up and plug battery then 2 beeps ,lower stick. My esc is a flitetest brand 20 amp, so I can't look up manufacturers instructions, when I raise throttle and hook battery it plays a tune then 1 beep and another tune fast then nothing, so I lower throttle then more tunes, motor runs , maybe the way it should but not sure, do the flitetest brand esc need to be calibrated and if so how?


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Firstly is your prop on the right way around? Also what plane is it and what prop are you using?
Don’t forget to take the prop OFF for messing with the esc.
The FT ESC’s are made by Emax.
The almost universal calibration looks like this-
Prop is on right, ft mini speedster and 6x3 prop, I'm using 2s 550 mah battery, I watched video of ft tiny trainer build and Josh said go up to a 3s battery for a little more speed, plane actually does good, I was just concerned about throttle calibration, thanks


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If it flies well then there’s nothing wrong with the ESC.
I run a 6x4 APC prop for 2s on my TT, it makes a bit more thrust. I also run the little 500mah 2s packs. Going light is a big help, even though you only get 5 min flights off them.
It’s also worth adding some incidence to the wing, put a 1mm ish spacer under the wing leading edge.