ESC's start sound out of sync - Problem?


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Little background: I have been in the hobby for a while now and likely as we all have, accumulated a large number of parts. Since the weather is somewhat prohibitive in my region now and with that desire to build I pulled out my parts boxes to see if I could put anything together.

I determined I had enough lying around to build out a whole new race quad sans a new set of motors, and since a friend of mine was interested in getting into the hobby it seemed like a perfect coincidence. Now these parts certainly aren't top of the line by any means but from my understanding many people have used them successfully.

Parts involved.
  • 4 x E-Max Simon series ESC's (12A) (Silicon Labs F330 MCU)
  • CC3D flight controller
  • Diatone no name carbon/fiberglass frame
  • 4x GARTT ML2204S
  • FrSky D4R-II receiver
  • TS5823 FPV transmitter
  • A small Aomway camera that doesn't have any identifying marks.

Prior to full build I did the following.

Tested each ESC and motor independently with a servo tester.
Updated to the latest CC3D firmware. (I know there are ways to put betaflight on it but I simply haven't yet. As I will likely swap it out entirely later.)

Things looked good.

Got everything put together, mounted to the frame and wired up. Then we get to the thing I haven't seen before.
Upon plugging in the drone, 3 ESC's start sounds are in sync, one is about a second later.

Is this even a problem? I haven't had a chance to go through the first time setup on LibrePilot yet but just in case it is an issue I'd like to catch it before I continue further in the build.

Other notes: If I am not mistaken the ESC's were purchased at the same time in the same bundle as a 4 pack. So I have no reason to believe they aren't the same firmware. However this is my suspicion, and may very well be the case.

I'm really just wondering if this is a problem and if so how big of a problem?

Thanks in advance for anyone who has thoughts on this. I certainly don't want to hand my friend a danger machine if I can avoid it.


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You have to calibrate your ESCs. With librePilot is really easy to do.
Just use the wiyyard and that will guide you trough the esc calibration


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After calibration same situation, doesn't appear to be an issue. However, it still is a thing that bothers me. On every other drone I have made the ESC's boot in sync on boot with boot sounds in imperceptive boot sound sync.