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ET e-Logger V3 wth OSD problem.. no image beside osd?!

I need some help and tips.

My friend had an old Eagle Tree e-Logger V3 with GPS and Video OSD (not the PRO), that I could borrow.

And I have connected the OSD to the e-Logger V3, all is up to date and FW.

I get the OSD on my screen, byt no image from my camera (GoPro 2, been using it as FPV-camera).
The screen is bright blue with the OSD text.
If I connect my GoPro directly to the screen it works good...

And if I pull out the tv-out from the GoPro, there are no kind of interference..
It´s like the OSD dont "see" the camera.

Any suggetions on what it can be?

2013-06-02 12.55.37.jpg 2013-06-02 12.31.17.jpg
it´s is fixed now..

ET answerd me on FPVlabs, and said to try an older software.
Did that, and downgrader FW in OSD and eLogger..works great now! =)