Help! Noob question! problem in connect camera Caddx Ant 1200TVL to Laptop


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Hello, I don't know where to ask so please help me
I have a project that is required to connect the Caddx Ant Ultra Light Global WDR With OSD Nano FPV Camera (16:9) to Laptop. So I ask for help in Caddx customer support and they suggested me to use Easycap. The Easycap's head is different from the camera so I have to cut the cvbs wire off. Inside the cvbs wire there is 1 white wire and 1 red wire.

I begin to cross the wire. The Vcc of the camera connect to positive terminal of 9V battery, the GND of the camera connect to both white wire of the Easycap and negative terminal of the battery, the Video of the camera connect to the red wire of the Easycap.
I'm not sure if that wire crossing is correct but if testing with the digital meter, there is approximate 6,5V in the circuit.

Then I install the driver on the internet which is VHS to DVD 3.0 SE because my laptop don't have CD. The result is that the software recognize the Easycap but no video capture, it is black screen. At this point I don't know if my wire crossing is wrong or the problem is at the driver because of the installation on the internet.
Do my wire crossing correct? Thank you for your help and sorry if there is any misspelling, I use google translate for this