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Ever wonder how to launch float planes from the ground without wheels? Here's how!


Wake up! Time to fly!
Neat way to launch. Sorta like them old German rocket planes back in the day. Not quite sure that it would be F.A.A. approved but I dont have my private pilots licence so I would not know.

I would however speak to the pilot of that plane and have them seriously check that hinge on the right elevator as that is a lot of rust on a hard point like that and would surely wreck someones day if it were to cut loose mid air.
Really cool to see that! It looks a little questionable but it works!
I thought You might like this video of me taking off and landing on a grass run way with my scratch built foamboard sea plane. I did not think I could land it on grass but it worked! and I was giggling like a school girl. The landing is at about 3 min and 15 seconds in.
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