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Fatshark Dominator HD3 or Fatshark Dominator HDO

I've been flying with my Dominator v1 goggles for more than 5 years. They just keep working, so I never wanted to replace them. However, my daughter is expressing an interest in flying with me, so now I need another set of goggles. I've been wanting the Dominator v3 goggles but it almost seems that they are getting difficult to find in NEW condition. So, now I'm looking at the HD3 goggles but the HDO goggles have been suggested to me.

Can you guys give me some opinions and suggestions? what are your thoughts on these goggles?




Eternal Student
I love my HD3's. I got them last winter as an upgrade from Attitude V3's and the difference was huge. I haven't tried HDO's, but everyone I've talked to that has loves them as well. If you can, try them both out and see if the HDO's are worth the extra $$ for you.