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faulty motor / esc?


Junior Member
All parts are brand new, put on the plane and ran...not messed about with any settings...the prop is within the recommended set up...could a faulty ESC be causing it or does it seem more of a actual mechanical fault?


Well-known member
It almost sounds like the motor bell is rubbing when the thrust builds up. Is there any end play on the motor?

It could be a poor connection anywhere between the motor and the ESC, give each soldered joint a good tug. A poor connection creates a some resistance when under load which can cause the ESC to 'loose' the motor commutation timing on one phase.

The only sure way is to swap the motor with one known to be good and see if it still does it. If it does then change the ESC and if it still does it then you know it a poor connection in the wiring somewhere!
I had one do something similar. The windings in the motor were made up of two strands. There was a very poor solder job where the the windings were soldered to the leads going to the ESC. One of the two strands did not appear to be soldered at all, and I was able to pull the other one out without much resistance. This was under the factory heat shrink right at the motor. I messed with it for a while, but I will have to rewind it before I can use it again cause I messed it up good. I should have just soldered it and been done with it. Anyway, installed new motor and the problem was gone.