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Fight Test with Flitetest

You should have an episode where everyone in the shop has to design and build their own plane that can fly a boxing glove. They can add any secret weapon of their choice on their plane that is no more dangerous than the plane itself (a.k.a. no explosives peter). They should have a time limit on how ling they can take to build and design their plane, such as an hour to design and 2 to build. Once everyone is done, they will take to the skies and the last person flying wins. These rules can be tweaked and changed but I just wanted to share these. :)

-Aidan Albers


Active member
I really like the general idea you have of a full team design and build off. I'd want it to not require the boxing glove component and instead just be a combat craft with a secret weapon. I'd also want them to make it a event, say over the course of a month to give them time to really plan and put some effort into some really cool designs.
Yeah that's a good idea too with the whole notion of making it an event. I just put in the boxing glove as a quirky little twist.