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  1. N

    DLG Show

    Hi Guys, you all make an amazing show. Love to watch it. I was thinking, no one out there seems to have come up with a good DLG out of DTFB. It is something that I am trying to figure out and I think might be a very fun project. In terms of the plane, I am trying to figure out a short bodied...
  2. Planiac01

    Fight Test with Flitetest

    You should have an episode where everyone in the shop has to design and build their own plane that can fly a boxing glove. They can add any secret weapon of their choice on their plane that is no more dangerous than the plane itself (a.k.a. no explosives peter). They should have a time limit...
  3. StoneKap

    Rotor Riot - Chad's NEW SHOW!!

    Rotor Riot It's like Top Gear but with multirotors! Ok, I get this question all the time... Chad, what are you doing next? Well this is it. This is the ground floor. Development starts today! Q: How is it different than Flite Test? A: Rotor Riot is a YouTube show focused on expert level...
  4. J

    Would love to see a Taranis review or a whole bunch of radios

    There has been lots of reviews on head to head with everything from fpv, to batteries and even different plane/multi rotor styles (y, v-tail, x) but not much on the different options of transmitters. I know its hard to change from one you love but I have a taranis and would love to see it and...
  5. Mastrmindz

    Go to a Local College/University and Ask for Students' Opinion

    Hey FT! I am a huge fan of the show. Love the content you guys provide. I am a recent college grad, and some videos that I like are those that go on the street and get college students' opinions/reactions about numerous things. I think it would be fun to go to a local college or...
  6. C

    Next in line for FT Cooking show

    POPCORN Bomber: Have a design that would pop and drop fresh popcorn (old school pan/kettle style no microwave). could also tie in a dropzone/target challenge. --JLH
  7. S

    Hobby King Sky Mule Review

    I am interested in buying the "new" Skymule that is sold at Hobby King. It seems like a really interesting airplane with the twin engine and optional skis for snow or sand! You guys should do an episode reviewing this aircraft...
  8. S

    Hosts & content

    Hi Flitetest, Been watching the show for over 2 years now and absolubtly love it! Just wanted to say that Josh, Josh & David are excellent personalities to present the show. However, as you can't have David anymore, please can we have more Josh and Josh? If Josh Scott is too busy with other...