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  1. bpw823

    August 21st Total Eclipse Flying

    As many already know, the central US is going to experience a total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. It usually becomes very dark and eerie and possibly dark enough for LEDs to be visible. I figured it'd be a neat and unique opportunity for a FT episode shot of flying during the event, and...
  2. PaiRaN

    We send greetings from Europe :)

    Hi forum, just signed in here and wanted to say some words about me/us. In order not to waste to much of your time, I will comment on some basics :) Matebox in Motion - who we are in easy words: a bunch of pilots just like you. We're in Germany at the border to Denmark and have plenty fun...
  3. T

    Episode suggestion - Gravity vs Lift challenge

    Like a lot of the Flitetest community, my interest in RC remained dormant for many years after my introduction at an early age. When I discovered FT in September 2014, I had a new Apprentice in my hands within 48 hours and had taught myself to fly within a week (after Apprentice no. 2 was...
  4. S

    Winter RC Episode

    I know you are still enjoying the nice un-winter like weather but could you put together a episode around winter flying. Be it waterproofing / adding skis or floats, choosing a suitable candidate for winter flying etc. Also tips and tricks you have learned along the way to make for a fantastic...
  5. Planiac01

    Fight Test with Flitetest

    You should have an episode where everyone in the shop has to design and build their own plane that can fly a boxing glove. They can add any secret weapon of their choice on their plane that is no more dangerous than the plane itself (a.k.a. no explosives peter). They should have a time limit...
  6. kdobson83

    Only one episode this week?

    Is there only going to be one episode this week? I understand pumping out 2 episodes every week on the same days is hard but I've looked at facebook, twitter, youtube and the main site and haven't seen anything about there only being one episode this week. Would have to say I'm a little...