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Finally decided to become active


Airplane crasher
Hello everyone! I am not new to to the hobby or Flite Test, but I decided it's finally time to put my forum account to use! I get to go to Flite Fest Ohio this year for the first time and I plan to make a few airplanes to take with. Any suggestions to what I should bring as a first time Flite Fest attendee?


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Hey, it's my first time to FliteFest too. I've been flying for almost 5 years, FliteTest fan for almost 6. I only get to go one day tho as that's all I could talk my wife into... Lol Hopefully they do it at their new airpark next year, might have to take a solo trip next year and spend 2-3 days there.


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Welcome to the community/family!

Flight Fest is an amazing event and I hope to meet you there!
(Last year was my first, and everyone treated me like family... truly a unique experience in this day and age!)

Bring at least one plane (you don't love anymore) for the HUGE combat events (just do a youtube search) being a part of one of those is a MUST I think.

They have a onsite build tents, so if you want to build onsite, bring plans, tools and a powerstrip (FTFB seconds are available.)

If it's hot, you'll need sunscreen; if it's wet you'll need boots! :LOL:


Airplane crasher
I would bring airplanes you can transport and enjoy flying. I think thats about the only qualification required.

I am also going to put Foamtest's Flite Fest Veterans airshow project here just in case you are interested.
I am interested in the Veterans Air Show. I am working in a large L4 Grasshopper that may make an appearance. Any idea what day the actual Air Show is going to happen?


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Hey, I'll be at Flite Fest with my son for the first time this year as well! I'm also trying to figure out what to bring. We'll be flying in from California so we're planning on packing electronics and building planes there.