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FINALLY - long live the Hobbyzone Duet!


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I'd been wanting to get back into RC flying for such a long time that I went ahead and visited my local (well, local-ish!) hobby shop a couple of months back and bought myself a Hobbyzone Duet trainer. It took me a few weeks to get to fly it (weather!), but I took it out one Friday lunchtime and nervously launched it into the cold Scottish skies.

Oh my God, I love it!!

On those rare days when the weather has been absolutely perfect since that first flight, I've taken the Duet out for a flight or three in the field behind my house (which is plenty big enough for something like this). I was out first thing last Friday and was flying for a good couple of hours!

I've quickly built my confidence with this one, including filming it on just my second outing - low-level flybys, loops, strafing runs, the lot!

Here she is after a miraculous escape from a nearby oak tree, where she ploughed into it following a filming session, then managed to fall back out of the tree with sufficient height for me to fly back!!


I'm seriously considering two things:

1) Buying another, and
2) Using the internals to make a Spitfire with differential thrust.

So much fun!
It’s a great little plane, but not incredibly durable and it hates even light winds. After many crash repairs from my 7 year old learning to fly I rebuilt it with a carbon reinforced EPP wing and another 3” of wingspan with a little more dihedral. It’s much easier to fly now and has survived another couple dozen wipeouts without a scratch.