Duet salvage: scratch build


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Hey! I’m new to the forum! So I had just finished building my second viggen, except this one was my first scratch build. After seeing that it IS possible to do it, I just bought some extra foam and started hacking away at whatever popped into my head! My first “free form” project was a chuck glider with an air-foiled wing span big enough that it couldn’t even fit in my car! After that, I took a look at my old duet that had been Collecting dust (it was loved a little too much lol), I took all the electronics out, traced a pattern, and threw it together. And to my great surprise, it actually flew! Kept all 3 channels to boot! Still needs some tweaking, but I’m curious if anybody’s done something similar? I was inspired by the power up video from the yt channel


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The electronics look very much like the EZ power pack FT sells. I wonder if your original Duet was made by the same company that does the FT Freighter and Airliner?

I did a scratch build based on the fuse of one of the FT EZ planes with the EZ power and then the EZ Intruder from plans found in the resources page here.

Fun little flyers!

EZ Planes - Copy.jpg
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Interesting looking plane. Looks like its half way between an Extra 300 and an F-18. You gotta get a video of it if you can I have no idea of the characteristics a plane like this would have and I'm curious.

I once rushed a Biplane into production. No real design to base it off, just grabbed a ruler and threw together something that vaguely resmbled a plane. It's turned out to be one of my best! It tracks pretty true, it can fly slow and fast, can be really agile when you throttle it up but gentle when you keep it calm. It can carry a camera and I recently stuck lights to it and did my first night flight. On top of all of that it's robust. It's one of those planes you're looking at after a flight and you go "Oh... How long has that part been broken for? Suppose I oughta patch that up."

Sometimes the care-free projects give the best returns for your efforts. Oh and welcome to the forums! :D